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20th October 2020

I’ve read quite a few new novels recently so I sometimes get away from the basement for my reviews, but as you know it’s been a bitch of a year and I feel lucky to even have access to books and a laptop on which to write about them. The library basement is still well and truly open and when I can read quicker I’ll get back to those oldies but goodies.

Mind you, I finished Sense and Sensibility the other week and started an essay on it; not sure it’ll make it to the blog, it might only be something I care to read.

Anyway, my reviews have been sporadic on here but I have thrown some on our library catalogue over this year to keep me and my customers going. I’ll do a 2020 list at some point, but be sure to read the reviews I’ve done here to tide you over.

And also, phone your library and order some books – we really, really love it when you do that.

Take care, book buds!

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