Hidden gems and secret treasures

Welcome to my new blog! The name is inspired by the basement in the library where I work. Unfortunately we have had to store lots of books due to downsizing our library space. But there are so many books in the basement that without visibility I fear they may be doomed to the withdrawal shelves. I hope to prevent this by reviewing as many as I can: both to save them but also to nudge people out of stale reading habits. I have never read a James Patterson novel. I care nothing for bestsellers. I want intrigue, suspicion, hidden gems and surprising laughter.

Your local library is one of the most important places in your life. If you use it, great! Keep going! Ask the staff for something different. Challenge us and yourself. If you don’t use your library, please do! We do so much more than you know! Even if you’re not a reader, it’s a great place to be. Even before I worked there it was my favourite place to be.

I beg you not to underestimate the importance of libraries and the power of the written word. A book can change your life. Books have definitely saved mine.

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