The Happiness Project

I’m now about a third of the way through this after reading about it in an article about flash fiction. The article used the term ‘creative non-fiction’, which I’ve been reading for years without realising. The Happiness Project is a book that was mentioned so I’m giving it a try.

The book is now 10 years old so I think that might qualify it as a basement find? Hey, it’s my blog!

The author Gretchen Rubin makes lists of life improvements, such as her Twelve Commandments, with aims to ‘Act the way I want to feel’ and ‘Do what ought to be done’. Simple yet effective wisdom. I’ve adopted a couple and feel a smidge better. Sometimes. Like Gretchen I will persevere and see how this project goes.

First on my list is to get this blog back up and running! I’ve had a busy year and last year was a definite Year of Firsts for me.

1. Graduated with First in English (yay!).

2. Swam in our local outdoor pool and loved it, despite being a poor swimmer due to my fear of water.

3. Spent every Wednesday evening on a bike, for two hours, in a local cycle group.

4. Read books for pleasure without studying or writing essays on them for the first time in a decade.

5. Visited Helsinki and loved it.

This year I’m working on my own Happiness Project list and so far I’ve managed to accomplish:

1. Getting some poems published in a local book.

2. Started yoga again!

3. Went back to Helsinki and also visited Stockholm.

4. Befriended not one but TWO Vikings!

5. Felt better after a minor surgery.

I need to focus more on my writing now, but overall I’m feeling good. Try your own Happiness Project. It doesn’t have to massive, I find a lot of it comes in retrospect.

Have a good weekend!

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, 2009, Harper, New York.

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