Living Dark Age

Now that I’ve finished Dark Age I really miss it. I came to Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series a year ago as my brother constantly harassed me to read it. Thankfully I managed to get all the books from the library. Being new to the series was great as I had all the books in front of me. Now I’m up to date and, honestly, I feel lost.

I finished Dark Age during the week, my first week off ‘shielding’ from this pandemic. I was panicking when I was advised by work to go home for 12 weeks. It really upset me and I was on my near second panic attack of that week (the first was the day before as there was no milk in the supermarket). This week has melted into one long day really, separated by showering and increasing death tolls.

It was hard to read Dark Age at some points because of instances I found similar to what’s really going on. It was mainly when Darrow and his crew were in the desert, feeling abandoned and suffering radiation sickness. I felt the fear these guys did, not knowing the next step or if those in charge even knew. Eventually I managed to absorb myself back in Darrow’s world and ignore, to some extent, the horror that is gripping early 2020.

I’ve found reading to be even more essential for me this past week. It’s escapism, it’s another world and it’s productive. It’s quiet and loud at the same time. Dark Age is brutally violent and wholeheartedly loving in its execution, and in this book especially I’ve truly realised how brilliant an author Pierce Brown is. I’ve laughed and cried, loved and lost in Dark Age. And regained things too. I’ve remembered that I am a writer, and I have a job to feel, see and hear everything that’s going on today, and to remember everything I felt, saw and heard yesterday. This is a terrifying time and I miss my family and friends so much. Dark Age is also a terrifying time for Darrow and everyone; he misses his family and friends so much, too. I know it’s fiction (I’m not a stupid Pixie!), but reading and feeling people is real.

We are living our own Dark Age of uncertainty, fear and sometimes mistrust. But we need to stick together, we need to howl as one pack, to help each other and provide comfort as much as we can. Reading the books and poems I love, watching the movies and shows I love, are a comfort to me. I hope everyone can find their comfort somewhere, until the light comes through again.

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