The world at your hands

My hands are raw with washing them but it’s a small price to pay. So far, I’m safe and sound. This is my third week at home. I’ve been using my hands for the usual – washing, eating, drinking – and also other vital things, like showing affection to my fiancé. I’m glad we’re home together through this as I miss my family so much. I’m looking forward to using my hands to grab my parents’ hands again and to hug their little bodies to me.

I’m also using my hands to navigate the web for news and social media, ditto my phone. And I’m also using my hands to read physical books and use an ereader. My hands are keeping me busy.

Like everyone else who is able, I’m reading the news as much as I can, and looking for a variety of news sources from across the world. Right now, I’m interested in reading about material and food cultures and how animals are captive in these. It’s so upsetting that we keep degrading the environment for less than essential personal events. The live and exotic animal trade must be scrutinised properly during the course of pandemic research and eventual closure.

I watched that Netflix show last week about Joe Exotic that millions of us probably watched together. Disgusted, transfixed and sometimes mildly entertained, I couldn’t help feeling the mass viewings of this coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t accidental. Questions about this seemingly inherent selfish, egotistical attitude which enslaves the animal kingdom to humans need to be answered. We don’t need to eat everything that walks, flies or swims across the earth. We don’t need to hunt or capture them, mutilate them, skin them or display them to prove some kind of status.

The world is dying and ultimately we need to join our hands together (virtually, of course) to save it.

3 thoughts on “The world at your hands”

  1. Hi, and thank you for sharing your writing; an unusual and enjoyable read. I have watched one hour of TV in 3 weeks, but I’m lucky enough to have a garden after 5 years without one, so I’ve been blogging about garden on my other site should you be at all interested in birds, trees and tulips.

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