A cup of remembrance

I love this little cup. I use it for cider, beer or sometimes to hold my toothbrush. It’s from Barcelona and is one of my favourite bits of crockery. It’s a ceramic rendering of a disposable coffee cup, complete with ‘dent’ and ridges. It’s from, as it says, the Gaudí designed Casa Batlló, one of the coolest places I’ve ever had the privilege to visit. Google it, you won’t be disappointed!

But don’t holidays feel like a fantasy right now?

Through my little Genie lamp, I travel back to Barcelona: taste Jamón Ibérico for the first time; feel an unbelievably hot sun on my neck before 9am; burn my feet on sand; walk home from restaurants at 10pm in 98 per cent humidity; see crowds of people everywhere. Seeing Barcelona in films now, I feel sad. All those crowds are gone; so many people are gone. It’s a strange feeling, witnessing vibrancy turn to a ghostly quiet.

This little cup is a piece of history for me now. Like a Greek vase it reminds me of times gone by, when we could travel freely, indulge in other cultures, enjoy different, gorgeous tastes and smells.

My cup overflows with love right now. I wish everyone, everyone, safety, good health and hope.

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