A curve in the road

– It was at the curve in the road I felt funny. Scared, I mean. The bit of road went funny and I had a weird, frightening feeling.

This was odd. My dad wasn’t scared of anything.

– It was like everything had slowed down. I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything. It just went slow.

It was still daytime so I went with him in the car to see it. Whatever it was. To hell with going at night.

The car slowed as we approached the weird bend. I felt like static had surrounded me. I could see breaks in the road, a crack and a gape, and potholes around it. We passed without incident but as soon as we turned onto the straight my eyes watered in fear and ice trickled from my neck, down my back, across my lungs and down my arms. I could feel my arm hairs rise one by one in silent, terrified congregation. The back of a woman with red hair and wearing a blue coat was standing in the field before the crossroads. I couldn’t hear, but I felt her singing. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

– What is that…

My eyes watered more. I was so frightened.

The figure slowly disappeared and I stared at the empty field.

– Dad…

He just drove slowly towards the crossroads saying nothing. I don’t even know if he saw it.

– I don’t know what’s going on…

I was chilled. I was weeping with fear. I didn’t know what was going on.

We turned left at the crossroads and continued towards the old castle. It was about a 20 minute drive. The gates were open for visitors even though the sun was setting. An old lady met us as we parked.

– You’ve come to see the Kel.

It wasn’t a question. I looked at her as if I agreed but I didn’t know what I was agreeing to. Dad followed us to the courtyard, which had a small group already there.

I couldn’t shake myself dry. What is the Kel? What was going on? Why were people here when it was near dark? Why were we here? I felt sick. My whole body was shaking and I just felt sick. I kept picturing that apparition in the field, the red hair, the blue coat, the slow dissolve. Terror gripped me again and I thought, was that the Kel? My gut jumped, my throat closed and I wiped the fear water from my eyes.

This is a dream I woke up from, petrified, at 5am this morning. I needed to go to the bathroom and felt too scared to go. That ice that had enveloped my dream person had bled into my real person. I’ve been having weird dreams anyway, during all that’s going on, but this is one that seems to have scared me more than reality. Throughout the day I’ve felt those icy hands of ‘the Kel’ surprise me: in the bathroom, at my laptop, in my daydreams. Is my imagination trying to be helpful by finally creating fiction? Weird curveball. Dreams are weird.

2 thoughts on “A curve in the road”

  1. I can’t lie, I am wildly thankful to hear this was a dream. It is odd how dreams find us and follow us whether we appreciate it or not. I also think it’s so important to listen to the feelings they manifest. They are there for good reason. Sending light, love, and some relief from ‘the kel’.

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