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Halloween 2020: All dressed up and nowhere to go

Getting into the Halloween spirit might be hard this year. No trick-or-treating door-to-door. No Halloween parties (will they work as well on Zoom?). No group horror movie nights.

It’s just me on the couch, reading scary stories, trying not to choke to death on Haribo (true story).

But Halloween can still be fun in our socially distanced hubble-bubbles. We can take more photos to share online and in family WhatsApps, decorate windows in our neighbourhoods and maybe just dress up for work since masks are pretty much mandatory anyway.

At Halloween I like a nice autumnal walk in the rain, then getting home to hot tea and a good ghost story. See my post here about my favourite Halloween reads.

True ghost stories are even more of a treat, and I’ve been scaring myself silly with them since I was tinychewie. Recently I’ve been reading this blog about some creepy goings-on in Brittany:

Inspired by this, I did a bit of snooping in ye olde Google for spooky things closer to home.

  • The town of Inverkip is best known for its history of witches and the over-zealous murdering of those accused, and the place has its own modern ghost hunter. Read all about it here: Ghost hunter in search of spirits in Inverkip.
  • This article really spooked me and actually contains a video that I’m too scared to watch! Greenock: 5 Haunted Places to Visit. Please comment below to let me know how frightening it really is!
  • These Top 11 spooky places to visit in Scotland should make a good staycation once I’m brave enough to travel again.
  • We are blessed to have a brilliant local comic book collaborative who rediscover local legends and bring them to life through amazing stories and artwork. Visit Magic Torch Comics and indulge your Halloween cravings!

Apparently I’m pretty close to some supernatural stirrings too. We moved into our old library building, which is actually the Original Library Building, about 6 years ago after a bit of flitting about the town. A lot of people, people I meet in shops, in the street, anywhere, whom I mention the library to, tell me the basement (where I get my blog treasures!) is haunted. By a Highwayman! It’s an old urban legend and loads of people who have worked in the building claim to have seen him.

I’m down in the basement every day and have never felt anything odd or untoward, and I was once told I’d make a good medium (!). I don’t know what I’d do if I met the Highwayman in my little library refuge. I like to think I’d be cool and calm, but I’d probably run out the library Ghostbusters-style!

Happy Halloween, book buddies! And feel free to share your favourite stories and Halloween reads with me below.

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