Our basement is closed

Public libraries are closed in Scotland. We opened last summer for PC use and doorstep pickups but closed again at the start of this year. I understand why we had to close, but I'm still sad that we have. I think we'd all hoped to be in a better place by now. Due to the… Continue reading Our basement is closed

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Book Review: History of Wolves

History of Wolves(Emily Fridlund, 2017, London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson) Does anyone else feel the environment in which they read influences how they enjoy a book? I read this book last winter, in my previous bedroom (we had a flat change-about over lockdown), and this is mostly how I remember reading and loving History of Wolves.… Continue reading Book Review: History of Wolves

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Halloween 2020: All dressed up and nowhere to go

Getting into the Halloween spirit might be hard this year. No trick-or-treating door-to-door. No Halloween parties (will they work as well on Zoom?). No group horror movie nights. It’s just me on the couch, reading scary stories, trying not to choke to death on Haribo (true story). But Halloween can still be fun in our… Continue reading Halloween 2020: All dressed up and nowhere to go